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Me No More Productions

Me No More Productions is run by me, Kenneth Lewis. Born and raised in Fallston, MD, I first found out that I had a creative side when I began to build forts and tree houses as a kid. I then got into music. I starting learning guitar and then began writing music throughout high school. After graduating, I eventually found myself with a camera in my hands making movies and taking pictures with friends. People began asking me to do pictures of them and thus Me No More Productions was born. However, I didn't want the company to be strictly about profits, I also wanted it to be a business that is a blessing to the community that it's in. To accomplish this goal I not only strive to create excellent work and deliver images that my clients want to show off, but Me No More Productions also regularly does volunteer work. From providing images for non-profits to helping teach English to non-native speakers, I want to do what I can to leave this place better off than when I found it!